The Launch of Fortuna Gaming’s newest brand, featuring our first ever TV Campaign that will have you in stitches!

Fortuna Gaming’s Vision of 666:

Here at Fortuna we have always prided ourselves on creating meaningful and memorable brands that all our customers can fall in love with. So, 666 was going to be no different in that respect. But, that’s something we bet you’ve came to expect now from our brands. We always knew how big of a market casino sites were, especially since the success of Dream Jackpot. Having already established an extensive portfolio of successful slot sites, such as Wizard, Easy and slots baby, we thought it was time to bring out another excellent casino site. Find out more about Fortuna Gaming here.

Firstly, we set about creating a brand image, we wanted to maintain everything that the gambling community associates with us. From a fun brand image, to an extensive range of diverse games to play. That’s exactly what we have created, and we believe 666 has the potential to be one of the biggest brands ever released at Fortuna Gaming.

Fortuna launches 666 casino - logo

How Fortuna Gaming launched 666 Casino – Advertising and Promotion:

We knew the theme would be a visual representation of the name, the 666 being the number of the devil. This meant we could create an immensely fun and playful brand with 666 Casino. Recreating a feeling many people can associate with gambling and playing games, as it often releases a devilish side to people. We even designed our very own Devil Character to accompany our players through many hours of fun.

Additionally, Fortuna Gaming launched 666 Casino different to all our previous brand releases. We are always looking to go above and beyond to out-do our previous success. So, we set about creating our very first TV advert. Firstly, the briefing for this was that we wanted it to represent the playful and entertainment factors of the brand. This lead to many hours of hard work, creating an inventive script that met the strict regulations on gambling adverts. We then begun casting for actors, this took a while as we wanted to find the perfect individual for the role, someone who could capture the audience’s attention and gain their interest. Once we finally had all of this organised we began filming the advert, we also had a photoshoot with the actor, you can see some of his photos on the brand website.

Fortuna launches 666 casino

The Future of 666:

Now that Fortuna Gaming launched 666 Casino you can be assured the brand will have a bright future. Watch out for the release of our new TV advert. With our loyal customer base and brilliant theme, we’re predicting big things, this could be our most successful brand yet. Visit the site now to find all the best Casino games. Also, go give our article on the history and future of Fortuna Gaming a read.