For anyone keen to keep up to date with Fortuna as an organisation this article is perfect. Get access to exclusive information on all of Fortuna’s ambitious plans for the future, as well as an insight into our CEO’s thoughts.

About Us

We at Fortuna Gaming are a Newcastle based marketing company active in the iGaming space. First founded in 2017 by Scott Manford and have seen significant growth in a relatively short lifespan. Our CEO recently said “It’s been both encouraging and exciting to see the rapid growth we’ve seen at Fortuna. For 2018 we aim to keep this as a trend by pushing our brands further into international territories. In addition to releasing new brands, helping to cement our place in the market.” You can discover more about us here.

After the release of Wizard Slots and Easy Slots in 2016, Fortuna Gaming has marketed a total of four live casinos now at the end of 2017 and have plans to get involved in the roll out of two more in early 2018. This perfectly representing the hard work that has been put in by CEO Scott Manford. In addition to a dedicated team that surrounds him at the Newcastle Office. The Business is ahead of the game due to its focus on recognising digital marketing as the key to success in the industry. With a high reliance on SEO allowing them to reach the top of search engines. This attracting a high volume of traffic that most new gambling operators wouldn’t be able to achieve in such a short time.

Future of Fortuna - brand logos


The Future of Fortuna

Many of our competitors have been notorious for using offshore sites as their Headquarters. Manford has already mentioned that “Our Newcastle base is key to the company’s success and differentiated us from competitors. Also, at Fortuna Gaming we put a priority on our responsibilities and ethics as an organisation. Many of the economies found off-shore are unethical and are often made redundant by an increasing amount of regulations places on their taxes. Additionally, the local expertise within Digital Marketing have been a vital factor in being able to build a successful team to promote the brands.” So, you can be assured we have a bright future and will remain at our current location based in Newcastle. If you want to contact us or visit the Newcastle Office you can find information here.

With the success in the first two years of the company’s lifespan, its likely this trend will continue. You’ll be seeing a range of developments and new brand releases from Fortuna Gaming. However, as always there will be a range of new and growing challenges for the team. Meaning it will be important to keep strategizing and keep digital marketing at the forefront to ensure success.

Future of Fortuna

To Conclude

Fortuna Gaming have been unique and original right from our origins in 2016. Differentiating ourselves from the competition to create a rapid growth as our customers love what we have to offer. Keeping on top of all search engine optimization techniques has allowed us to propel brands to the top of google. This drawing in a large volume of traffic and creating loyal customers. Although in this fiercely competitive industry, so it will be important to keep ahead of the game in 2018. The Future of Fortuna is going to be a bright one that we’re all excited for. If you enjoyed this Article, please feel free to read our other post about the London Affiliate Conference.