Turning a boring topic fun is exactly what we’ve done with this article. Find out all about how you can personally optimize your payment types, to make the most of your money on all our sites.

Fortuna’s Recommended Payment Types

Credit Cards

Up there with the most popular payment types among all industries and this applies to the gambling industry too. Credit card offers fast and simple payments. Also the benefits of all credit cards means you can bet with as much money as you want if you pay the bank back. Although if you are not a responsible gambler it may be best to reconsider this payment type due to this factor. You’ll see this payment type on just about every operator including all the brands under the ownership of Fortuna. These include the likes of Wizard Slots, Easy Slots, Slots Baby and many more. Click here to find out more about Fortuna Gaming.

Debit Cards

The most popular type, a great advantage of this is of course unlike credit cards you won’t be overspending and can only spend the exact amount on your card. This is one of Fortuna’s recommended payment types as it is generally a safer option for responsible gambling. Additionally, debit card companies have numerous anti-fraud and anti-theft strategies employed to keep details safe. As well as the additional security features you can find on our own brands at Fortuna Gaming. 

Fortuna's Recommended Payment Types - Credit cards

Cryptocurrencies (BitCoin)

With the rise of cryptocurrencies and the world’s biggest one BitCoin, it’s began to gain an acceptance among gambling operators as a real currency. BitCoin has a range of huge advantages for online gambling, firstly it offers no transaction fees meaning both players and operators can retain more money, this means players get more of their winnings and operators can provide more promotional offers due to more profits being retained. Moreover, withdrawals are instant meaning players can access funds fast, however the only negative is the constant fluctuation in Bitcoins price, its never clear when it may dramatically fall leaving people worse off.

Fortuna's Recommended Payment Types - Bitcoin


A payment type that is hugely popular among everyone due to the fact it can be used almost anywhere online for transactions. This meaning almost everyone has a PayPal account already set up, making deposits even easier. You don’t even need to have funds in your account as PayPal can take money directly from your bank. This makes it much more rapid in terms of payment speed than the likes of Skrill. This made Fortuna’s recommended payment types due to its rapid transactions and security features.

Fortuna's Recommended Payment Types - PayPal


Here at Fortuna Gaming we know exactly how much our players love to play online slots on their mobiles. That’s exactly why we have begun to introduce PayByMobile on our websites as a payment method. So players can deposit without the need for any credit/debit card information or accounts such as PayPal/bitcoin set up. As the payment will be added to your monthly phone bill, offering a easier method of depositing. It doesn’t require personal information and it can be easily accessed as most players use mobile to play anyway.