A Brief Overview

It’s difficult for us to now conceptualise a world without the Internet. Ever since its inception in 1983 it began to gain popularity and is now apart of everyone’s daily life. You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone practically glued to a mobile or desktop. It has had huge benefits to just about every possible industry. One of these of course being Gambling, casino games, slots, sports betting and more. Fortuna Gaming being a prime example of a company who has flourished online thanks to the use of the internet.

Slots Gambling History:

1998 saw the release of the first slot game by Microgaming, called Planet Poker. It even featured its own Progressive Jackpot feature. Since then year by year we have seen new games added such as Mega Moolah an old slot that is still popular to date. Moolah currently holds on of the biggest progressive jackpots in the history of the market. Starting at 1 million and increasing until it’s finally won. This has changed many peoples lives with one person winning £13million from a 25p bet. Furthermore, we have seen newer releases such as Gonzo’s Quest in 2017. Showing how far the internet has progressed as the game boasts high end graphics. Visit Fortuna Gaming to find out more about different slot brands.

Online Casino’s:

In 1995 those lucky enough to have a computer saw the release of the first online casino – the Gaming Club. The first step towards the immensely bright future casinos have had online. Which was enabled thanks to UK legalising online gambling in 2001 followed by many other countries. In the same year companies such as Playtech launched the first live dealer casino. Moreover, 2003 saw the beginning of the Poker boom, active players doubled every year until 2007. All helping contribute to the £1.6 billion in revenue from online casinos in the UK for 2009 alone. But who could forget possibly one of the most significant factors, the launch of online casinos for iOS, Android and Windows in 2012. This being the hub for many online gamblers. All the brands represented by Fortuna Gaming have Mobile-friendly casino games.

Gambling today and its future:

Currently online gambling is taking in all the benefits from growing mobile phone developments. With around 75% of all Fortuna Gaming’s customers using a Mobile platform on our sites. It’s clear there is a demand for mobile content and Fortuna will be supplying it! Additionally, for the future there has been a range of possibilities. From Artificial intelligence potentially getting implemented into some of the industries games. Moreover, Fortuna Gaming don’t see why Virtual Reality can’t be implemented into online gambling. The range of benefits it offers players and the overall immersive feel it seems too big to miss out on. Realistically the future of online gambling is largely unknown. But there is one thing we can guarantee and that’s that it will be a bright and exciting future. If you liked this article go check out The Hilarious launch of 666 Casino.